49 Years in the 49th State

49 Years in the 49th State

Subtitle : A wildlife biologist reflects on nearly 50 years of adventure and exploration in Alaska
Author : Patrick Valkenburg
ISBN No. : 9781637470619



Book : 49 Years in the 49th State

ISBN Number : 9781637470619
Book Name : 49 Years in the 49th State (A wildlife biologist reflects on nearly 50 years of adventure and exploration in Alaska )
Book Pages : 320

This well written book is filled with the wildlife adventures and experiences of Pat Valkenburg during his 49 years as a biologist/pilot in Alaska. It documents numerous interesting stories and facts about Alaskan wildlife, the importance of field work, and various contacts with backcountry residents. I highly recommend this book for hunters, naturalists, and others interested in wildlife management. I share Pat’s strong opinions on the high value of field-oriented wildlife surveys and studies. Victor Coggins, Wallowa District Biologist, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Retired Wildlife Mgmt. Services, Owner I met Pat Valkenburg in 1994, during an ADF&G predator control project. I quickly figured out Pat was part of the department’s \“A\” team, consisting of wildlife managers, pilots, researchers, and a few arctic cowboys. He is now part of a retired generation of wildlife experts.  These biologists were the best of the best, not only in the nation but in the world. To make it even better, they were true conservationists.  Collectively, we may never see a group of wildlife scientists of this caliber again. Their connection to the land and animals led them to many scientific discoveries which are an important part of Alaska’s past. Pat’s writings should be a recommended read in our educational system and for active wildlife biologists, shaping the historical record for future generations. Elaina Spraker, Soldotna, Alaska. I have deep admiration for Patrick, having grown up hearing stories about him and later working extensively with him throughout Alaska. When I learned he was writing a book, I knew immediately it would be great reading and a real contribution to Alaska’s natural history literature. When I saw it, I was not disappointed. One of the best books I have read, written with keen insights and observations that only someone of exceptional experience can have. Mark Keech, Pilot/Biologist, Swift Fork Air, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Author : Patrick Valkenburg

Patrick Valkenburg was born in South Africa in 1950 and emigrated to the United States in 1960. He moved to Alaska in 1972 and became a Certified Wildlife Biologist. After a 28-year career with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, including serving as Research Coordinator and then Deputy Commissioner, he started a flying business specializing in wildlife surveys. He and his wife Audrey Magoun continue to run their wildlife consulting business (Wildlife Research and Management).

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