Alaska Fish Wars

Alaska Fish Wars

Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781594338700



Book : Alaska Fish Wars

ISBN Number : 9781594338700
Book Name : Alaska Fish Wars

Violent incidents on the Kenai River and on commercial fishing grounds of Cook Inlet prompted Trooper, Andy Biggs, to contact State Senator Price in an attempt to change fishing regulations causing harsh attitudes leading to violence. The good senator formed a panel composed of commercial fishermen, sports fisherman, subsistence users, fish and game biologists and regulators, sport fishing guides and other special interest group leaders to hold hearings on the matter. Outside interests, meaning non-Alaskans, pay protesters to disrupt the hearings. Every faction of Alaska’s fishing industry has strong, self-serving, opinions, and a personal stake, in the issues being considered by the panel; which leads to even more violent incidents. Several state politicians involve themselves in the argument and are paid for their votes by cannery owners rejecting the proposed changes. Alaska Fish Wars is fictional, but the conflicts are real and have raged for more than sixty years—and continue today. Alaska Fish Wars is an insight into the arguments nobody wins—especially the resource.

Author : Ron Walden


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