Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska

Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska

Subtitle : A Penquinagain Tale
Author : Canterbury Anne Field Glenda and
ISBN No. : 9781594331534


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Book : Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska

ISBN Number : 9781594331534
Book Name : Atiska Ataska, Charlie’s In Alaska (A Penquinagain Tale)
Book Pages : 34
Book Size : 8.5 11
Book Weight : 0.75

Welcome to the land of the midnight sun. We’ll take you on an exciting Alaska adventure with two colorful characters, Cheechako Charlie and Sourdough Sam. Charlie’s called a cheechako because he is a newcomer to Alaska. He will soon discover that he has a lot to learn about this far away place. His cousin, Sam, an old experienced Alaskan, will greet Charlie with enthusiasm and encourage him to pursue his dreams while he is in Alaska. For Sam knows that it is best for Charlie to learn for himself the secrets that can only be uncovered through his own discoveries. We hope that as Charlie and Sam explore the Last Frontier, your own curiosity will grow and you will want to learn more about the forty-ninth state. So, grab your lucky hat and we’ll meet you by the pond. Watch out for moose!

Author : Canterbury Anne Field Glenda and

Anne Canterbury retired from the Anchorage School District. Before teaching in elementary school, she had the opportunity to work with Alaska natives in their villages as a training specialist for the Head Start program. She also worked with local Head Start programs as an education director, teacher and CDA trainer. She lives in Eagle River, Alaska with her husband and two dogs. Just down the road and around the corner are her married children, their children and their dogs. And far away, in Barneveld, New York is a shelf with lots of old books, where she hopes her new book will find a place right next to The Purple Giant with the Pink Toenails. Glenda Field and her family traveled the Alcan when she and her family moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in the late 70s. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Larry, when they go to the Lower 48 to visit friends and relatives. She retired from the Fairbanks School District and now attends painting and pastel workshops when time permits. When we started out on this adventure, we had never written or illustrated a book, or for that matter, composed a song. We give a special thanks to Robin Hopper who took our very amateur tune and developed it into an entertaining and easy to follow song.

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