Aviation Mysteries of the North

Aviation Mysteries of the North

Subtitle : Disappearances in Alaska and Canada
Author : Gregory Liefer
ISBN No. : 9781594331954


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Book : Aviation Mysteries of the North

ISBN Number : 9781594331954
Book Name : Aviation Mysteries of the North (Disappearances in Alaska and Canada)
Book Pages : 272
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.84

Russia’s most famous aviator disappears on a world record flight over the North Pole. A commercial airliner with thirty-eight people is never found. The wreckage of a strategic bomber is discovered years later and hundreds of miles from where it was lost, without its nuclear payload. Two United States Congressmen on a routine campaign tour vanish, spurring accusations of cover-up and conspiracy. These are but a few of the stories detailed in Aviation Mysteries of the North. Far distant from major media outlets and occurring over remote and unforgiving wilderness, many of the mysteries have been overlooked or forgotten, until now. Meticulously researched, the accounts are a compilation of historically significant mysteries and large capacity aircraft which have been lost over a span of four decades. From takeoff and in flight until the final moments, through searches and controversy, the factual events are presented with captivating insight. Historical perspectives and aircraft descriptions add an informative background to the text.

Author : Gregory Liefer

Gregory Liefer, a fifth generation Alaskan, former commercial fisherman, army pilot, and author, graduated from Wrangell High School in Southeast Alaska. He attended the University of Wyoming and University of Alaska before joining the U.S. Army in 1978. During his 20-year military career Greg served as a paratrooper and helicopter pilot including two tours in Alaska. It was while flying in Alaska that he began researching and writing about aviation history. Mysteries of the North is Liefer's second book. It follows Broken Wings: Tragedy and Disaster in Alaska Civil Aviation. ?Missing in Alaska,? a story on the disappearance of a Navy patrol plane was featured in Logbook magazine. Greg holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate and has flown more than 11,000 hours in various aircraft. Twenty-one of his 30 years flying experience has been in Alaska. Liefer continues working in Alaska with a major helicopter company on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

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