Blue Sky and Green Grass

Blue Sky and Green Grass

Subtitle : Murder, Money Laundering, and Winter Farming in Alaska
Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781594332753


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Book : Blue Sky and Green Grass

ISBN Number : 9781594332753
Book Name : Blue Sky and Green Grass (Murder, Money Laundering, and Winter Farming in Alaska)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.76

Trapper Ken Whittle spent the morning pre-heating and preparing his Pieper Super Cub to fly so he could check his trap-line. The minus 20 degree weather made this a taxing task. Flying to the area of his traps was pleasant, but near the first lake on his route he came upon an airplane nose down in the trees. He landed to discover the pilot dead–frozen in his seat. In the aircraft were four duffle bags later found to contain marijuana, and a metal briefcase containing a large amount of money and a .45 automatic Colt pistol. Whittle wrestled briefly with his conscience before deciding to keep the money. He surmised that it was drug money and would not be missed, but the drug bosses did notice and sent henchmen to retrieve their money. This opened an investigation by the Alaska State Troopers and the NTSB which found that the pilot had been murdered and eventually uncovered a huge marijuana growing operation and worldwide importation of other drugs. Informants were found; circumstantial evidence gathered; but little real, hard evidence was brought to light to connect their suspect to the crimes. Trooper Sergeant and helicopter pilot, Karen Holmes, and her partner, Craig Stanton, must take time from the investigation to make daring rescues and cope with the mundane daily duties distracting them from the complicated, frustrating case.

Author : Ron Walden

Author Tag Line : Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer

Ron's career has been varied. Four years in the U.S. Air Force as an aircraft mechanic and flight engineer. He worked as a salesman, truck driver, hard rock miner and Correctional Officer. Now retired, having lived in Alaska for nearly forty years, he enjoys his summer fishing, both salt water and fresh water. His writing is a winter pastime. Between times he does woodworking, building small furniture for friends and family. ?Living in Alaska is a full time job--cleaning up after winter, getting ready for next winter. Alaska is my home,? he says, ?the pace of life suits me.? When not writing and wood working, he keeps in touch with old acquaintances from law enforcement and Corrections.

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