Cinch Knot

Cinch Knot

Subtitle : Pigs, Politics, and Petroleum. The Multinational Plot to Nuke the Trans Alaska Pipeline
Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781888125047


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Book : Cinch Knot

ISBN Number : 9781888125047
Book Name : Cinch Knot (Pigs, Politics, and Petroleum. The Multinational Plot to Nuke the Trans Alaska Pipeline)
Book Pages : 184
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.62

Pipeline security guard, Dan Webster, and pump station technician, Gwen Stevens, discover a nuclear device inside an ultrasonic inspection pig, and are convinced it is a part of a sinister conspiracy involving the pipeline. They discover a multinational plot, Cinch Knot, masterminded by influential oil and shipping leaders to restrict the flow of oil by nuking the pipeline and driving the price of oil upward. Thus, the fate of the Alaska oil pipeline, Valdez, pristine, Prince William sound, and economic stability of the world, as well as the lives of thousands of people are threatened unless the bomb is disarmed and the schemers are stopped. Fast moving — Cinch Knot’s 200 pages takes the reader on an intriguing international chase to stop the scheme, and to the story’s surprise ending.

Author : Ron Walden

Author Tag Line : Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer

Born and raised in northern Idaho, Rod Walden held many jobs: miner, salesman, carpenter, and business owner. Ron relocated with his wife to Alaska where he built a home and learned to fly. Ron retired from the Alaska Department of Corrections and did a short tour as a security guard on the Alyeska Pipeline. Walden now spends his free time fishing and building furniture for friends If you ask Ron, he is quick to say, ?Alaska is my home. I never tire of its beauty.?

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