Getting Even

Getting Even

Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781594337109


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Book : Getting Even

ISBN Number : 9781594337109
Book Name : Getting Even

For years Galen Mason had been the head accountant for Bluefin Seafood Inc. Over the years he had done things such as carrying cash out of the United States to the Bahamas for the company. He never questioned his orders, but once he determined the company was a front for the Columbian drug cartel he decided to quit, but knew the cartel would never allow him to leave. He devised a plan to disappear and change his name. In his new life he opened an accounting and consulting office where he hired a pretty, young assistant. The Bluefin Seafood enforcers found him and killed his assistant. If they found him once, they could find him again. He decided to take the matter into his own hands after the enforcers attempted to kill him at his aircraft hangar. Assisted by a local fire captain with a military background he was able to fend off the attack but decided to return to Florida to take revenge on the fish processing company bosses. With the aid of a DEA agent, Mitch DeLong, he used information about Bluefin Seafood to find and end their drug importing business. New cartel bosses track him down once again to retaliate for their losses. It seems everyone is Getting Even.

Author : Ron Walden

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