Penny Files

Penny Files

Subtitle : Alaska State Troopers-Unfinished Business
Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781594336249


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Book : Penny Files

ISBN Number : 9781594336249
Book Name : Penny Files (Alaska State Troopers-Unfinished Business)
Book Pages : 222
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.8

Captain Meadows had a worried call from an old friend and asked Trooper Penny Rossiter to stop on her way home after shift to check on the old man. It was eleven miles out Funny River Road to the home of Gus Sampson. Gus told the small red-haired, pretty, trooper he was worried about a friend who lived up the road, asking her to please check on him. She allowed Gus to ride along. Arriving at the cabin she asked him to wait while she checked it out. She found Will Goodson beaten to death in his own living room. Penny called the crime scene team to investigate. The five member team headed by David Haskins collected evidence as Penny took Gus back to his cabin. While returning home she had a call asking her to fly a search mission looking for two blond sisters and their young boys missing on Resurrection Trail between Hope and Cooper Landing, Alaska. This file, too, became a cold case. Later she went to the Goodson cabin to check on it and as she approached it she was fired upon and nearly killed. She was medically retired and David Haskins took up the search for the answers to her unsolved cases. His association with the young lady trooper, now lawyer, leads them to a personal affair and finally marriage. In the process he uncovers a drug ring, murdered drug dealers and users as well as an upstanding citizen who is somehow connected to all this illegal happening. This is an endless, frustrating chase from the first file to the last.

Author : Ron Walden

Author Tag Line : Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer

Born and raised in northern Idaho, Ron Walden held many jobs: miner, salesman, carpenter, and business owner. Ron relocated with his wife to Alaska where he built a home and learned to fly. Ron retired from the Alaska Department of Corrections and did a short tour as a security guard on the Alyeska Pipeline. Walden now spends his free time fishing and building furniture for friends. If you ask Ron, he is quick to say, ?Alaska has been my home for forty years, I never tire of its beauty.?

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