Red Star: The Hunter Trials

Red Star: The Hunter Trials

Subtitle : The higher you're bred, the farther your fall
Author : Mary Flint
ISBN No. : 9781594337383
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Book : Red Star: The Hunter Trials

ISBN Number : 9781594337383
Book Name : Red Star: The Hunter Trials (The higher you're bred, the farther your fall)

An artist pledged to serve his planet … 

Rendaria is a world with only one city, underground, with ten Levels. At the top, you succeed. At the bottom, you are no one. At age seventeen, Edrix Solan is the youngest initiate to graduate from the Higher Program in REGS; the Rendarian Enforcement of Global Security, the protectors of the planet. But something doesn’t feel right. He has yet to be given a field assignment, and there’s something his older brother, Jai, won’t tell him.

A rebel determined to save it …

Andresha has been fighting for years to free Rendaria from the reign of the Chairman and the other leaders that control the planet, but now, REGS is dangerously close to finding the resistance. To stop them, she must infiltrate the most secure building on the planet, and her only hope of doing so is a deadly tournament on an alien world, and a boy who is too much like the ghosts from her past.

Author : Mary Flint

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1 review for Red Star: The Hunter Trials

  1. 5 out of 5


    “Red Star: The Hunter Trials” brings you into a whole new world and universe where your future is already determined. Those who dare to change their future are silenced. This novel really captures your attention as you dive into the culture and follow those who dare to rebel. Twists and turns lurk at every corner creating an intense storyline. It was so fun to read and now I am craving the next installment!!!

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