Subtitle : Cook Inlet Alaska 1800s
Author : Alan Dick
ISBN No. : 9781594336584


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Book : Tatiana

ISBN Number : 9781594336584
Book Name : Tatiana (Cook Inlet Alaska 1800s)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.62

Tatiana is a unique story from the early 1800s brought into the 21st century by oral tradition. Tatiana recalls the genuine romance and fearful adventures of a young girl born in Cook Inlet during a season of cultural con ict, violence, greed, and extreme hardship. She was forced to choose between the simple desires of her Dena’ina Athabaskan mother and the adamant demands of an adoring yet intensely stubborn Russian father.

Her decision changed history during that era and inspires this generation with rich cultural knowledge and values.

?At that time of the world, every family was its own last resort. e innocent were forced to defend themselves, o en emerging less than innocent…if they emerged at all.?

Author : Alan Dick

Tatiana's direct descendants have remained in the remote Qeghnilen (Cor-nee-len) country at the headwaters of what is now called the Stony River, two hundred miles straight west of Anchorage. It is the home of author Alan, his wife, Helen, and son, Wayne's family. The telling of this story is a collaborative family effort. Rachel, Tatiana's descendant, was raised in Qeghnilen country during the days of dog teams and kerosene lamps. Her wedding ceremony was held on Tatiana and Tazdlin's dipping rock. Alan has been the wordsmith, combining Rachel's input, Helen's memories, Grandpa Pete's lore, brother William's insight, and fifty years of personal experience in the Alaska Bush. The beautiful woman on the cover is Andrea, also Tatiana's descendant. She edited and did the professional transcription of the Dena'ina language.

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