The Gauntlet of Time

The Gauntlet of Time

Subtitle : Take Time Back
Author : JA Stowell
ISBN No. : 9781594337710



Book : The Gauntlet of Time

ISBN Number : 9781594337710
Book Name : The Gauntlet of Time (Take Time Back)

Time travel. It’s always been a crowd-pleasing topic for most. The power sought after and craved by everyone—whether they missed the lottery by a single digit or had a rough childhood that they decided needed changing. But, despite all the fantastic dreams, the world knows time travel isn’t real. Enter Jericho Johnson Not only is time travel very real to him, he’s used it in the usual ways one would expect—getting rich, predicting world-changing events and, more importantly, traveling to whenever he chooses just for kicks. But just when he thinks his secret is safe, he discovers two other time travelers. One politely wants him to stop while he’s ahead. The other wants to end time as we know it and bring the planet to the brink of destruction. So, no pressure.

Author : JA Stowell

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