The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties

The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties

Subtitle : An Alaska story that will warm your heart and leave you wanting more.
Author : Anthony Miller
ISBN No. : 9781594336362


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Book : The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties

ISBN Number : 9781594336362
Book Name : The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties (An Alaska story that will warm your heart and leave you wanting more.)
Book Pages : 112
Book Size : 6X9
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In the 1800s, when Alaska was still a territory, many came for the gold, abundant fisheries, and the fur trade?but some came to swindle, to take advantage, and prey on the innocent. Yukon was Canadian, Alaska was U.S. Th e two territories were intertwined, and dependent on one another. When circumstances dictated, men of a more Nobel character than most, took it upon themselves to make Right. Maintain The Right?a Canadian North West Mounted Police motto, also became known in Alaska.

Some writers of history, have a tradition, an intent, to purposely slant truth, to portray certain characters or events in a more favorable light, or simply to hide the facts. They tend to treat the common man as though he didn’t exist. Unmentioned are the true heroes, those who do not seek fame, but simply live their lives with purpose, then fade away, forgotten in time. I

n keeping with that tradition, I have inserted my characters into true events. Some historical figures you will readily recognize, others will surprise you. Locations still exist and can be visited today, Fort Whoop-Up in Alberta Canada, and the Davidson Ditch, north of Fairbanks are fine examples.

Author : Anthony Miller

As a 12-year-old Anthony (Tony) Miller came to the new 49th State with his dad, mom,and six siblings in 1959. His mother Emily, had an adventurous spirit, and one day after reading Alaska Magazine, said to Tony's dad, ?Henry, lets go to Alaska.? Dad left first, driving the Al-Can Highway to Fairbanks, where he quickly found work, then sent for the family. Mom and the kids arrived in Dawson Creek, British Columbia aboard a steam locomotive, and met up with dad for the trip to Fairbanks. Growing up in Alaska was a treat; our family made good friends, and quickly fell into the Alaskan way of life. Out houses and no running water was the norm. As kids we relished the stories the old timers told. After a stint in the Navy, I returned home and went to work for the City of Fairbanks, and later for DOD on Fort Wainwright. Like many Alaskans, I acquired my private pilots license and began to appreciate Alaska from the air. Later, a two season adventure aboard a modified 32-foot Chris Craft cabin cruiser took me and my brothers down the Yukon River and on to Nome. We made friends with many first nations peoples, and learned to appreciate the diversity and culture of those who call the Alaska wilderness home. Many of characters and events in this story derive from real persons and experiences, if you are a local you may recognize them. The Legend of the Royal Blue Mounties is a tribute to the fine people in the family we call man.

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