The Life of Ahpun
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The Life of Ahpun

Author : Shelley Evans
ISBN No. : 9781594339325



Book : The Life of Ahpun

ISBN Number : 9781594339325
Book Name : The Life of Ahpun

Thank you for writing such a fun and whimsical story about Ahpun! I really enjoyed reading it and found myself reliving some of my most favorite moments! Ahpun was an awesome bear, and I was blessed to get 17 years working with her! I am truly happy that you chose to share her legacy in print! This creatively written true story of Ahpun, the polar bear, will bring smiles to those who knew her and those just getting to know her! She was an amazing bear whose presence captured the hearts of her keepers and the Zoo visitors. Her memory will live on in this beautifully composed and illustrated book. Alaska loves you, Ahpun! — Beth Foglesong Lead PoLar Bear KeePer, aLasKa Zoo The story of Ahpun, an orphaned polar bear, as told by Shelley J. Evans in lively rhyme, is surprisingly human – or perhaps not so surprising. Ahpun’s loneliness in the zoo is overcome by friendship with a brown bear, and a mate brings her lasting contentment. Ahpun made the most of her circumstances – as we all should. Enriched by Rob Porters irresistible illustrations, The Life of Ahpun gives both children and adults a lot to think about. — Don Thompson 1st Kern County (Ca) Poet Laureate In The Life of Ahpun, Shelley J. Evans wields poetry to give voice to an orphaned polar bear but also articulates our own need for connection and family. While children may be drawn to the illustrations and rhyme, this book speaks to the wilderness heart within each of us. — Matthew Woodman Kern County Poet Laureate 2019-2020 It’s a poem written by Shelley Evans as a tribute to a favorite Alaskan bear, the polar bear Ahpun, a beloved resident of the Alaska Zoo for many years. It’s also a delightful story of the antics of a playful, fascinating bear, from cub to adulthood. Enhanced by charming illustrations, The Life of Ahpun is sure to bring back many happy memories to all who loved her. — Dianne Barske, artist and author of two Bears there, the story of ahPun and oreo

Author : Shelley Evans

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