The Path of Gold

The Path of Gold

Subtitle : International Terrorism--From Texas to China to Alaska
Author : George De Loach
ISBN No. : 9781594330995


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Book : The Path of Gold

ISBN Number : 9781594330995
Book Name : The Path of Gold (International Terrorism--From Texas to China to Alaska)
Book Pages : 496
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 1.9

Jeff Dunne, called to Washington, met the President in the Oval Office and was sent to China to make friends for the United States with the Chinese rulers. He came back with many positive changes to the old embassy. As a reward, he was commissioned a two star admiral and sent back to China to further the friendship–and hunt out Russian agents. After some months he found one?–with a 20-pound bar of solid gold. Then, the hunt began for gold that had been lost for more than 60 years. Other agents were uncovered with more bars of gold. Terrorist were ever present in Jeff’s life–over turning the Phillippine government, caused the sinking of two new guided missile destroyers, losing all hands, and the loss of an Aussie cruise ship with more than 700 people, and sinking cargo ships in the harbor of Shingfu. Jeff is ordered back to Washington, then to Pensecola for flight training, where he received his wings, and again is ordered back to China to find the long-lost gold, and is given command of the 7th Fleet. Terrorist followed him wherever he went. Jeff was promoted to 5 Star Admiral, then to Alaska to open a new Command and establish Mackenzie Naval Air Station, Alaska, across Cook Inlet from Anchorage–the newest and largest base built since WWII.

Author : George De Loach

George De Loach, born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, joined the navy at the age of 19. After boot camp in San Diego, California, he was sent to North China, Tsingtao. While stationed there he went to Pieping (Beijing) and to Shanghai. Returning to the states in 1949, he put his ship out of commission, stayed at San Francisco Navel Shipyard for six months, then to a destroyer, USS Henderson (DD-785), later to Korea. He was dispatched with four destroyers to the harbor of Inchon two days before the invasion on 15 September 1950. These destroyers were known as the sitting ducks. Then the invasion. Later he was granted shore duty in Astoria, Oregon, where, after 22 months, he was discharged. During his naval career, he visited Midway Island, Hong Kong, Keelung, Taipei, Takou, Formosa, and Hawaii. After the navy, he joined the air force. During his air force career he was stationed at McChord AFB, Puntzi Mt AFS, Canada, Scott AFB, Illinois, Thule AB, Greenland, Portland International Airport, Oregon, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, March AFB, California, from which he retired. After retirement George returned to Alaska. He has visited Amsterdam, London, Bedfort, Televiev, Hafai, Accu, and Munich. George has read many novels and finally decided to write. This is George's second book.

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