The Unconscious of the Consciousness

The Unconscious of the Consciousness

Subtitle : Redeeming Ourselves
Author : James Qeqe
ISBN No. : 9781594339660



Book : The Unconscious of the Consciousness

ISBN Number : 9781594339660
Book Name : The Unconscious of the Consciousness (Redeeming Ourselves)

The abnormal is becoming normal in our societies. Each day we hear a case of a man killing a woman, on what has been famously known as the Gender Based Violence. Everyday someone gets offended because they have been judged unfairly by their race and skin color. We are conscious about other things, but why are we unconscious about these serious issues that are in our sight. All these democracies and independences did not come alone. But hunger and poverty mounted on us. All these crimes and corruption are proofs that something went wrong. The Unconscious of the Consciousness is rather a reminder to us all that we all know what to do, we talk about what we should do. This Novella is a workup call that it is time to rise above and do what we need to do, to make the world a better place than it is.

Author : James Qeqe

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