Vole Family In Summer

Vole Family In Summer

Subtitle : When the Midnight Sun Comes Out to Play
Author : Claudia Lively
ISBN No. : 9781594333248


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Book : Vole Family In Summer

ISBN Number : 9781594333248
Book Name : Vole Family In Summer (When the Midnight Sun Comes Out to Play)
Book Pages : 36
Book Size : 8.5X11
Book Weight : 0.78

Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister and Baby are back! Come play with The Vole Family as they explore the splendors of the Arctic summer. Make new friends at a comical party under the midnight sun. Complete with glossary and animal facts, The Vole Family in Summer is a charming tale sure to make learning fun!

Author : Claudia Lively

Sisters Elizabeth (Liz), Claudia, and Holly (the baby of the group) moved to Alaska when their Dad was stationed at Eielson Air Force Base. The whole family loved the beauty and excitement of the arctic so much, they've hung around ever since. All three girls have since married amazingly tolerant and loving Alaskan and Canadian men and have wonderful kids of their own--Liz's cats act like children! Speaking of cats, the Lively girls (as Mr. Doyle, their Biology teacher used to call them) have all spent their lives adopting kitties from the animal shelter. Maybe that's why their children's stories are all about the adventures of voles, the mice of the arctic! Familiarity breeds...admiration!

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