Wyatt Earp V

Wyatt Earp V

Subtitle : Alaska Bush Guardian
Author : Ron Walden
ISBN No. : 9781594337895



Book : Wyatt Earp V

ISBN Number : 9781594337895
Book Name : Wyatt Earp V (Alaska Bush Guardian)

As a fifth generation Earp he was the first since the original to make his living as a lawman. Twenty years as a policeman in Fairbanks, Alaska has given him the experience and investigative skills to be a Village Public Service Officer (VPSO) in remote Illiamna, Alaska. Thinking it would be a quiet place to live out his retirement years it proved to be an exciting and wonderful place with the same crimes and the same variety of criminals he had encountered in his twenty years as a street cop. Three heroin deaths in the village made it a crime wave. In this remote community he survived a brown bear attack and saving the life of Wildlife Trooper, Lonnie Davis. In his duties he met the local school teacher, Linda Mason, and fell in love. The drug deaths lead to encounters with the Alaska State Troopers, FBI, and DEA. The village crime leads to an international cartel and high stakes crime.

Author : Ron Walden

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