Author Award Award Date Book Title Award Image
Travis, Michael Alaska Professional Communicators - 2011 First Place Nonfiction 2011-01-01 Melozi
Mathews, Bonnye Alaska Professional Communicators - 2013 First Place Fiction 2013-01-01 Ki"Ti's Story  
Dahlstrom, Halene Battle of the Books 2004-01-01 Raven Cove Mystery  
DeVries, Doug Battle of the Books 2000-01-01  Gold Rush Runaway  
Levi, Steve Battle of the Books 2008-01-01 Cowboys of the Sky  
Tower, Elizabeth Battle of the Books 2009-01-01 Alaska's First Homegrown Millionaire  
Donkersloot, Sara Battle of the Books - 1st Grade List 2005-01-01 Out on the Tundra  
Donkersloot, Sara Battle of the Books - Kindergarten List 2001-01-01 Down by the River  

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