Our Published Authors Write:

  • Evan has been kind, patient, and more than helpful in getting me through the process. He restored my confidence when I was flailing and provided direction where his voice of experience could best guide me. He is open to both ideas and suggestion, and works in a true collaboration with his authors. He is honest and reliable.

    - Marianne Schlegelmilch : One of America's Most Gifted Writers and author of ten Publication Consultants’ books.
  • Without Evan and the staff of Publication Consultants of Anchorage, My books would not have been published. I’m grateful for their incomparable professionalism.

    - Carl Douglass : Neurosurgeon Turned Author Writes With Gripping Realism and author of 27 Publication Consultants’ books.
  • Publication Consultants made the editing and publishing phase of writing my books both painless and rewarding. Evan helped make my rough and raw manuscript a readable, professional work. He edited and instructed, always in a constructive and cooperative way, and provided guidance in every stage. Without Publication Consultants, my manuscript would still be lying on the shelf, gathering dust.

    - Ron Walden : Alaskan True to Life Crime Writer and author of eight Publication Consultants’ books.
  • When searching for a publisher for El Gancho, I asked God to steer me to an upstanding company. There is no doubt in my mind that He answered my prayer.

    - Mike Travis : El Gancho, Melozi, and The Landmen
  • After meeting Evan, I concluded that he was a man whom I could trust with my baby. Evan has helped me to touch the lives of many families across the USA and around the world in a very positive way. If you’re looking for a publishing company that is headed by a man of integrity who is ethical and fair in his business practices, then Evan Swensen is your man and Publication Consultants is your company.

    - Dr. Matthew Johnson : Family Rules, Parenting with a Plan
  • I’m proud to be affiliated with Publication Consultants.

    - Dianne Barske : Two Bears There, Mukluks for Annabelle, and How Do You Say Goodbye To An Elephant?
  • We feel so fortunate that we hooked up with Publication Consultants instead of some other company that may or may not have treated us so well.

    - Patti Kilson : Song of the Raven and Carina
  • I am glad to have my book published with Publication Consultants. I frequently recommend them to other would-be authors and they always ask me why. I summarize my feelings by saying, “Evan is honest.”

    - Dan Maclean : Paddling the Yukon
  • Publication Consultants and Evan Swensen have the professionalism to quickly bring a book to market. They handle all the problems while keeping the author in the loop, helping with proofreading and editing. Their expertise makes for a smooth transition to a finished book.

    - Tom Willard : Demons of Stony River
  • I sent Evan a manuscript I believed in. Luckily so did he. Remaining approachable through the entire bookmaking process, he took the manuscript and helped turn it into a finished, marketable work. I’ll always appreciate Evan’s professional attitude and willingness to guide a greenhorn like me.

    - Mark Otte : Pray for Justice and Hide and Seek
  • Evan Swensen not only helped me create Alaska on the Fly, but without him there would not have been the experiences to write it. I will be indebted to him always.

    - Dan Heiner : Alaska on the Fly
  • I appreciate the expertise and encouragement I received from Publication Consultants to get Udder Confusion published. They’re tops on my list for professional editing and integrity.

    - Elverda Lincoln : Udder Confusion and Alaska Animal Antics

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