It’s Good To Be A New Writer

By Evan Swensen| 01/27/2023
There’s a rumor in the publishing world that an editor won’t even look at a new writer’s work. It might be true for certain types of writing, but after interviewing … 0 More

The Business of Publishing

By Evan Swensen| 01/26/2023
What exactly does it mean to be a published author? Besides the fact that your work is finally in print, and your college alumni have asked to interview you for …

Murder Over Kodiak

By Evan Swensen| 01/25/2023
Author Mastermind Robin Barefield’s Murder Over Kodiak has twists and turns aplenty; however, her coming of age as a mystery writer shows other twists and turns—some I’ve been a party to.   … 0 More

Ravens Cove

By Evan Swensen| 01/23/2023
I don’t think Author Mastermind Mary Ann Poll intended to become a published author when she began writing Ravens Cove. According to her YouTube, Getting to Know Mary Ann video, it … 0 More

Glucose Control Eating

By Evan Swensen| 01/20/2023
When Author Mastermind Rick Mystrom submitted his 700-page manuscript, we recommended he make two books instead of one. We pointed out that the first half of his book was autobiographical, … 0 More

Road Trip with Remington Beagle

By Evan Swensen| 01/19/2023
Author Mastermind, Valerie Winans lives in Michigan, but her heart is in Alaska. At least it seems so, considering what she writes about and the background she uses when attending … 0 More

Last Phoenix

By Evan Swensen| 01/18/2023
We’ve published more books by Author Mastermind Carl Douglass than any other author.   Our relationship with Carl began in 1995 when Carl came to our office at the end … 0 More

Cowboys of the Sky

By Evan Swensen| 01/17/2023
We’ve published the works of Author Mastermind Steve Levi since 1989. Steve is the author of Cowboys of the Sky.   At the time of the first printing of Cowboys of the Sky, … 0 More

Prince Ali

By Evan Swensen| 01/16/2023
Prince Ali is the creation of Author Mastermind, Victoria Hardesty, Author of Action and Adventure with Arabian Horses. With her writing companion, Nancy Perez brought the world an Arabian Horse … 0 More

Writing Contests

By Evan Swensen| 01/13/2023
Every writer thinks about entering writing contests. But there are pitfalls. Before the Internet, it was more challenging to check and determine if a contest was legitimate. But one thing … 0 More