Author Signing Request

Author Signing Request

How to Schedule Your Author Book Signing

  1. Verify Bookstore Availability
    Before filling out the adjacent request form, please contact the bookstore to ensure they accommodate author book signing.
  2. Complete the Request Form
    To request your book signing event, complete the form next to these instructions. Make sure to include all requested details.
  3. Wait for Confirmation
    After submission, we will do our best to arrange your book signing and notify you once it’s approved.

Explore Other Venues:
Besides bookstores, consider hosting signing at arts and crafts fairs, community events, or conferences related to your book’s theme.

Why Schedule a Signing:
Book signings are an effective way to boost sales and engage with your readers.

Efficiency Matters:
The online request form is the quickest and most effective way to schedule your book signing.

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