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More About ISBN Numbers

By Evan Swensen| 02/10/2023
All books must have an ISBN number. It is essential for you to have a good ISBN number. Here’s what ISBN numbers mean using 978-1-888888-00-5, as the example: 978 says … 0 More

What’s an ISBN Number

By Evan Swensen| 02/09/2023
Once you move from being a writer to an author, you’ll come across many terms you may have never heard. Or, if you’ve noticed them, they acquire an entirely new … 0 More

What Are Book Returns

By Evan Swensen| 02/08/2023
Book returns are one of the book business terms publishers want to ensure you understand. Your royalties are based on the number of books shipped minus number of returns. If … 0 More

Writing Contests

By Evan Swensen| 01/13/2023
Every writer thinks about entering writing contests. But there are pitfalls. Before the Internet, it was more challenging to check and determine if a contest was legitimate. But one thing … 0 More

Followed To a T

By Evan Swensen| 01/05/2023
Getting a book published has been described as giving birth. There’s an amount of prenatal care to ensure your book arrives with a good chance of becoming a well-known, respected … 0 More

Make Room For Customers

By Evan Swensen| 01/02/2023
Shawn Rogers, author and illustrator of Salmon and Sockeye: A Spring Day Adventure and Salmon and Sockeye: A Summer Fishing Adventure, planned her public release party at Independent Bookstore (not … 0 More

Sleepless Nights Guaranteed

By Evan Swensen| 12/29/2022
Author Mastermind Carol Douglass, neurosurgeon turned author writes with gripping realism from his field experience. Carl decided on a pen name with his first book, Last Phoenix, to protect himself from … 0 More

Stuff Just Happens

By Evan Swensen| 12/23/2022
I don’t think a perfect publishing manuscript exists. I remember when we published my book, One Last Cast: . Given that I was both author and publisher, I determined that the … 0 More

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