How To Market A Book

Go for the Gold! Aim to Achieve in Your Writing.

Go for the Gold! Aim to Achieve in Your Writing.

By Evan Swensen| 02/11/2014
We’re excited about the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia this year. We want you as excited about your very own Olympics:  your writing career. These athletes who have the attention of the world have trained for years, often from childhood, in...

Book Promotion Woes?

By Evan Swensen| 07/24/2013
Too many new authors believe that once their book is written the sales will just come pouring in and they will make a bundle. Sadly, this disillusionment is shattered when they receive a royalty check. The honest to goodness truth of the matter is th...

Writing Tip: Marketing a Book? Market Yourself!

By Evan Swensen| 05/10/2013
In our years as publishers, and as authors ourselves, we take great interest in finding out what works in marketing a book. Some of the things we have learned? When you are selling books, the first thing you have to sell to your reader is yourself. E...

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