Need Tips On Marketing A Book?

Need Tips On Marketing A Book?

Need Tips On Marketing A Book?

Posted on 03/26/2013 Evan Swensen
Need Tips On Marketing A Book?

As part of marketing a book, always consider the need for hard copies of your eBooks.

Many book reviewers will not want to review your book in e-format. So when you contact a book reviewer, and ask him or her to review your book, don’t be surprised. Ask which version they prefer.

Think of reviewers as customers. You want them to “buy” your book, and spread the word about it. Give the customer what he or she wants, and be prepared to offer your book both as a PDF, and as a hard copy.

Attach the cover to your manuscript before you convert it to PDF, or send the cover as a jpg in the same email.

Hard copies of your book should also have the covers. Many indie and self-published authors will send out a finished version of their books. However, it may be better to send out a near-final draft version to a reviewer, rather than waiting until it’s all done. Of course, you would label it as such.

The reason this is done is to give reviewers time to read and comment on an upcoming book, which is more newsworthy than an already-published book, considered to be older news.

Advanced Reader’s Copies are still produced, mainly by the big publishers, and labeled as review copies. Also, they’re generally marked as a draft version, and might contain editing errors, and may even have just a plain cover. They are given out at book conferences, and sent to reviewers and other important book marketing contacts.

A couple of important places to submit your hard copy to is the New York Times Review of Books, and the Library Journal, or to their sister publications, the School Library Journal, and the Horn Book, for children’s books.

In fact, the Library Journal et al require you to send two hard copies.

Both of these important potential review sources also want to have the book in hand at least two months before publication date. Four months in advance is probably even better, and would increase your chances of getting reviewed by these highly regarded publications.

Our company would be happy to do short runs of hard copies of your eBook for reviewers. Marketing your eBook is best planned for early, long before your manuscript is finished.

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