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Three Years Later

Three Years Later

By Evan Swensen| 12/16/2022
May’s (not her real name) countenance radiated pleasure as she placed her manuscript-containing envelope on my desk’s corner. She was silent but smiling as I opened the package and withdrew … 0 More

The Best Inquiry Letter Ever Written

By Evan Swensen| 12/15/2022
During a writers’ meet and mingle event, I overheard a conversation that went something like this, “I’ve attended more than ten writer conferences. When I do, I pay the $25 … 0 More

Up For Adoption

By Evan Swensen| 12/14/2022
Elizabeth (not her real name) came into my office clutching a new nine-inch by eleven-inch unsealed white envelope. She had already read Bringing Your Book to Market and was almost … 0 More

More About ISBN Numbers

By Evan Swensen| 10/21/2022
All books must have an ISBN number. It is important for you to have a good ISBN number. Here’s what ISBN numbers mean using 978-1-888888-00-5, as the example: 978 says …

What’s an ISBN Number

By Evan Swensen| 10/20/2022
Once you move from being a writer to being an author, you’ll come across many terms you may have never heard. Or, if you’ve noticed them, they acquire an entirely … 0 More

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