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Is There Enough Conflict in Your Work

What Are Book Returns

By Evan Swensen| 10/18/2022
Book returns is one of the book business terms publishers want to ensure you understand. Your royalties are based on number of books shipped minus number of returns. If you’ve … 0 More

It’s Good To Be A New Writer

By Evan Swensen| 10/06/2022
There’s a rumor in the publishing world that an editor won’t even look at a new writer’s work. It might be true for certain types of writing, but after interviewing … 0 More

Murder Over Kodiak

By Evan Swensen| 10/04/2022
Author Mastermind Robin Barefield’s Murder Over Kodiak has twists and turns aplenty; however, her coming of age as a mystery writer shows other twists and turns—some I’ve been a party to.   … 0 More

Ravens Cove

By Evan Swensen| 10/03/2022
I don’t think Author Mastermind Mary Ann Poll intended to become a published author when she began writing Ravens Cove. According to her YouTube, Getting to Know Mary Ann video, it … 0 More

How Do Authors Amaze Us?

By Evan Swensen| 09/19/2022
One of the most satisfying things about being a publisher is working with our authors and seeing them grow and mature. You’d typically expect this, but one of our authors … 0 More

Stuff Just Happens

By Evan Swensen| 09/02/2022
I don’t think a perfect publishing manuscript exists. I remember when we published my book, One Last Cast. Given that I was both author and publisher, I determined that the …

How Could That Happen

By Evan Swensen| 09/01/2022
Years ago, Randal (not his real name), one of our authors, attracted the attention of a narrow niche publisher. Their interest resulted in our selling the publishing rights of Randal’s … 0 More

Demons of Stony River

By Evan Swensen| 08/31/2022
We only published one book for Tom (his real name), Demons of Stony River. It was a fine book, and Tom had fun writing and illustrating it. Publishing Tom’s book … 0 More

Back Then

By Evan Swensen| 08/29/2022
Back then, we accepted an author’s work in whatever form best suited the author. Nowadays, we only accept manuscripts submitted as electronic files. Back then, it was not uncommon for …

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