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The Three “Questions” Of Science Fiction

The Three “Questions” Of Science Fiction

By Evan Swensen| 08/29/2013
There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what that particular branch of literature called “Science Fiction” actually consists of. Is it space-ships and monsters? Time machines? Galactic empires? Well, its all of those things, and often non...

The Five Elements to Great Fiction Writing.

By Evan Swensen| 07/11/2013
So what are the elements of a good fiction story? Here are the five elements I believe are absolutely essential: Try to write about characters that can catch the reader‘s imagination – It is important to note that as in reality, you character...

How do our authors amaze us? [Gog and Magog]

By Evan Swensen| 07/09/2013
One of the most satisfying things about being a publisher is working with our authors, seeing them grow and mature. This is something you’d normally expect, but one of our authors amazes us. We are dang near flabbergasted by Carl Douglass! In the v...

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