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Family Secrets

Family Secrets

By Mary Ann Poll| 02/02/2021
America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers Author Masterminds Charter Member I was not raised in a Leave it to Beaver family. We were the outcasts in our neighborhood. Mental illness afflicted my mom, and it progressed as I grew older. And we never t...

The Christmas Beagle

By Valerie Winans| 01/15/2021
by Remington Beagle as told to Valerie Winans: Dog’s Best Friend Member of Author Masterminds My first Christmas was the best Christmas I ever had because I found my forever home with my humans Dave and Val. When Dave picked me up and held me ...

Race Track or Freeway

By Magdel Roets| 01/13/2021
Magdel Roets: Writer of Christian Fiction Author Masterminds Member The driver pulls the visor over his eyes. Secured in his seat, he clicks the car into gear, revs a bit, and waits for the signal lights. At the right moment, he releases the clutch a...

Secret Writings Behind the Iconoclast Thriller Series

By Mary Ann Poll| 01/11/2021
Mary Ann Poll: America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers Member of Author Masterminds Hello! I’m Mary Ann Poll, author of the four-part Iconoclast thriller series, and avid reader and researcher, especially if the topic is the supernatural...

San Francisco Book Festival

By Evan Swensen| 03/20/2014
San Francisco Book Festival—Call for Entries. April 25, 2014 Deadline We are always looking for ways to help our authors, and so we are passing on this opportunity to you. It looks interesting. The San Francisco Book Festival is looking for entries...

Rebecca Goodrich receives First Place for Creative Verse

By Evan Swensen| 10/17/2013
Rebecca Goodrich was at the Book Bonanza in the Cottonwood Mall in Wasilla at about the turn of the last decade. We talked and it went from there. And we’re most appreciative for her coming over and meeting us. [She was also a judge at the lite...

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