Fly Rod Diplomacy

Fly Rod Diplomacy

By Evan Swensen| 11/21/2022
Guns of the Soviet Union, only three miles from Little Diomede Island, Alaska, are aimed at the United States. Siberian-based Russian missiles, 37 miles from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, point … 0 More

Cowboys of the Sky

By Evan Swensen| 09/26/2022
We’ve published the works of Author Mastermind Steve Levi since 1989. Steve is the author of Cowboys of the Sky.   At the time of the first printing of Cowboys of the Sky, … 0 More

Ten Top Fishing Rivers

By Evan Swensen| 08/16/2022
Ten Top Fishing Rivers I’m often asked where I think the best place to fish is. If my first quick response of “Whatever river you’re standing on,” is pressed further, … 0 More


By Evan Swensen| 08/07/2022
I’ve heard that one must have vibes to catch fish in Alaska. This is a special signal the angler sends to the fish through the rod, and the fish is … Continue reading<...

What’s a Fish Worth?

By Evan Swensen| 07/26/2022
What’s a fish worth? One fish. Not a boatload, not a stringer of lunkers, not even a trophy. Just one fish. One little fish. What’s one little fish worth? I’m … 0 More

Miss Shapen Two

By Evan Swensen| 07/11/2022
Miss Shapen, 12 feet long, constructed of quarter-inch plywood, and covered with two layers of fiberglass, gained her name by an error in her construction. Miss Shapen came into being … 0 More

Miss Shapen

By Evan Swensen| 07/05/2022
In the mid-50s, Standard Oil Company discovered oil on the Kenai Peninsula and punched a road allowing access to Swanson River. New Alaskans Frank Ackerman and I built a 12-foot …

The Final Four

By Evan Swensen| 06/27/2022
The last chapter in our Hiker’s Guide to Alaska is titled The Final Four. The Final Four are not for everyone; they are for the few and the brave. They … Cont...

Trent Lewis and Clark Clawson

By Evan Swensen| 06/20/2022
Matanuska River Park Trail system can rightly claim the shortest hiking trail in the largest state in the union. This trail system includes recently constructed paths as short as 45 … 0 More

Winter Trails

By Evan Swensen| 06/13/2022
Winter hikes in the far north demand a different attitude than conventional hikes elsewhere. Hikers must adapt their mental makeup to cope with darkness and cold that can drive a …

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