Three Years Later

Three Years Later

Three Years Later

Posted on 12/16/2022 Evan Swensen
Three Years Later

May’s (not her real name) countenance radiated pleasure as she placed her manuscript-containing envelope on my desk’s corner. She was silent but smiling as I opened the package and withdrew the manuscript, a computer disk containing the electronic file version of her first book, and several pages of unique black and white drawings.

I observed her continued silent smile as I looked up after reading the first page. The first paragraph captured my interest, forcing me to continue reading through page five. I’m a slow reader, but May didn’t stop smiling and didn’t say a word.

As May didn’t seem to be in a hurry, and her book held my interest, I also read the last three pages. It was good. May knew it and could see that I knew it. I smiled but didn’t say anything as I slipped the manuscript-carrying disk into my computer.

Even back then, we had language and content tests we’d use to determine if the manuscript met our publishing standards. May’s did!

“May, if it’s alright with you, we’d like to be your publisher.”

May’s smile broadened as she broke her silence. “It’s okay with me!”

I brought up our author contract file on my computer screen, typed in the necessary text, and handed it to May for signature.

Turning my attention to the drawings, I found the art was created by the artist making dots on white paper with a lead pencil. The graphics greatly enhanced the book’s saleably.

“May, did you do these drawings?”

“No, a girlfriend of mine did.”

“Do you have her permission to use the drawings in your book.”

“Yes, she told me it was okay.”

“Do you have her written permission?

“No, but I can get it.”

“Good, we’ll need it before we start publishing your book.”

With that, May removed herself from my office with her publishing contract tucked in her purse.

Three years later May showed up. I did not remember her. Many things had happened during those three years, including my wife’s death, more published books, and an emerging successful book publishing house.

May stated. “I have the release and am ready to publish my book.”

I laughed and said. “May you hold the Book Publishing Delay Record.

I am sad and happy to say, I couldn’t attend May’s release party; I was on my honeymoon.

May sent Lois and I a countertop food blender wedding gift.

Three years later, May passed away.

I still remember her smile, and she still holds the Book Publishing Delay Record.

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