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Ravens Cove

Ravens Cove

Posted on 10/03/2022 Evan Swensen
Ravens Cove

I don’t think Author Mastermind Mary Ann Poll intended to become a published author when she began writing Ravens Cove. According to her YouTube, Getting to Know Mary Ann video, it all started after she ended up in the emergency room and faced a long recovery. During her convalescence, she read 100 books in 90 days. That’s more books than some people read in a lifetime, but it confirms good writers are good readers.


A good friend suggested she write a novel, which prompted her to take writing courses, join online chat groups, and, as Mary Ann says, “talk about writing until I was blue in the face.”


It took five years before she found National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) www.nanowrimo.org, an online, once-a-year event where thousands of writers come together and write their own novel in 30 days. At the end of 30 days, she had the makings of Ravens Cove.


Her supportive husband, John, and well-read and published author father-in-law encouraged her to seek out a publisher. John went so far as to write and email book publishers to find out what it took to publish a book. Of course, she was reluctant to give her “baby” to a stranger, but in the end, she let it go, and Ravens Cove became the first book in her four-book Iconoclast Thriller series.


You’ll often hear me say, “it’s not the same author who wrote the last chapter who wrote the first chapter.” This is also true; it’s not the same author who wrote the first book who wrote the fourth book. Mary Ann proved it. After her fourth novel was published, she reviewed Ravens Cove and decided it needed an overhaul. Consequently, her first book’s second edition really became her fifth published novel. Mary Ann tells me she’s finishing up her next book and making it ready for her publisher.


You can watch and listen to Mary Ann’s success story, https://youtu.be/6FXsoQ5pd7.


You can see her Author Mastermind page, https://authormasterminds.com/mary-ann-poll.


Mary Ann’s website is https://www.maryannpoll.com.


Mary Ann, like other Author Masterminds, is approachable. Her email address is mapoll@maryannpoll.com.


Mary Ann is America’s Lady of Supernatural Thrillers. Fellow Author Mastermind Steve Levi’s advice is, “don’t read her books before going to bed.”

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