Writing Contests

Writing Contests

Writing Contests

Posted on 01/13/2023 Evan Swensen
Writing Contests

Every writer thinks about entering writing contests. But there are pitfalls.

Before the Internet, it was more challenging to check and determine if a contest was legitimate.

But one thing is still valid in the search for a good writing contest: If there is a fee to enter your work, it must be reasonable.

Many writing contests are not contests at all.

Every entry wins, and the writer is persuaded to purchase a book containing all the entries, including their submission.

You may decide to enter this kind of contest just for the certificate and recognition, but you don’t want to buy the book they will print up with all the winning entries.

There are a great many writing contests you can enter all over the world. Pitting yourself against other writers can be a window into a different world. Sometimes, winning a contest can propel you into a different world, as some contests will put your work in front of legitimate agents and editors.

You will learn to meet a deadline whether you enter a local, state, national, or international contest. In addition, you will be able to study previous winning entries and perhaps be inspired to learn a new form or genre of writing.

Flex those writing muscles and do yourself proud.

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