The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

By Rebecca Wetzler| 01/27/2021
By Rebecca Wetzler: Purposeful overcomer sharing the fruit of faith Author Masterminds Charter Member The phrase The Road Less Traveled originated in 1916 from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, using the last stanza: Two roads diverged in a y...

Wilderness Mystery Authors

By Robin Barefield| 01/21/2021
By Robin Barefield: Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author Author Masterminds Member When my publisher first tagged me as an Alaska Wilderness Mystery Author, I laughed at the description. I write murder mysteries, but I never specifically considered them ...

Post Winter Solstice Moods (Latitude 62)

By Cil Gregoire| 01/19/2021
By Cil Gregoire Alaska Sci-Fi Queen Author Masterminds Member Winter Solstice may go mostly unnoticed down south, but when Atlas shrugs his weary shoulders, readjusting his massive load, Alaskans take notice. How can one not rejoice in the lengthenin...

I’m Victoria Hardesty

By Victoria Hardesty| 01/18/2021
By Victoria Hardesty: Author of Action and Adventure with Arabian Horses Author Masterminds Member My name is Victoria Hardesty, and I live in Pinon Hills, California on a 7.5-acre Arabian horse ranch. Since I was two years old, I’ve loved hors...

Why Being a Bookworm is Good for Your Brain and Your Body

By Evan Swensen| 08/25/2020
Any habit can often have bad sides to it. Take exercise, for example. You can work out so much that you end up injured, and doing long term damage to yourself. You can, in fact, drink too much water (yes, that’s a thing). You can both oversleep and...

The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

By Evan Swensen| 06/16/2019
I had lived my whole life unable to create any written word because of my inability to write legibly or to spell correctly. I couldn’t even spell well enough to look up a word I wanted in the dictionary. I decided that this was my lot in life. I co...

My First Published Magazine Article

By Evan Swensen| 06/16/2019
During my grade school years teachers gave up trying to teach me to write cursive. My penmanship was so bad they could not read what I wrote. They finally threw up their hands and said, “Evan, just print.” But, even with printing, my penmanship w...

One Last Cast—The Beginning

By Evan Swensen| 06/15/2019
Whenever I’m asked to be a guest speaker I usually begin with, “I have the best job in the world. I get up in the morning, put on my fly vest, pick up my fishing rod, kiss my wife goodbye, tell her I’m going to work—and she believ...

One Last Cast

By Evan Swensen| 06/15/2019
I have the best job in the world—I get up in the morning, put on my fishing vest, pick up my fly rod, kiss my wife goodbye, tell her I’m going to work—and she believes me. Bringing One Last Cast to market began when I crossed the border and mov...

The Day Trees Bent to the Ground

By Evan Swensen| 04/16/2019
“Mr. Swensen, you go to hell!” Vera Stribling shouted. When morning came I returned to the Gambell Street store. I had intended to just get reports from everyone about their families, but instead, upon learning that all were okay—and after hear...

It’s A Scam

By Evan Swensen| 03/18/2019
As a writer and author you may receive an email from Author Solutions reading something like this: Dear Author: We recently had mail addressed to you returned to us by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable. In order for us to forward future mail s...

I Got Into Book Publishing By Accident

By Evan Swensen| 10/30/2018
Many people don’t know I got into book publishing by accident. I was a successful publisher of Alaska Outdoors magazine, I’d hosted a fun radio talk show, and produced a television show on the same topic. Then, in 1990, my wife brought...

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