How Out of the Ashes of an Awful Experience I Started My Own Book Publishing Company

Why Use An Editor

By Evan Swensen| 05/16/2017
I won’t mention the author’s name, but his self-edited book came to us with renumeration as his word for money received. The manuscript used the word several times with the same spelling. We learned that almost everyone in his local area pronounc...

Airspeed, Altitude, and Ideas

By Evan Swensen| 04/28/2017
Sometimes we run into authors who have stalled out with their writing or don’t know where to go to get published. If you know someone like this perhaps this little note could help them: Several years ago when I crashed my airplane, people asked...

What You Need To Know About Your Brand

By Evan Swensen| 04/13/2017
An Author Platform, your brand, is who you are in the minds of your readers and potential readers. They trust you because you have a good relationship with them. You honor that trust by making sure you stick to your word and not let them down. Accord...

A Well Planned Book Launch Party

By Evan Swensen| 03/30/2017
Mostly Music’s book launch party was a community event in the performing arts center’s Lorene Harrison lobby. The lobby was named in honor of the book’s author for her contribution to the community. The place was packed. Lorene cried with joy. ...

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