Using Book Signings To Market Your Book

Using Book Signings To Market Your Book

Using Book Signings To Market Your Book

Posted on 09/23/2022 Evan Swensen
Using Book Signings To Market Your Book

Books do not sell themselves. It could be the best book in the world, but it will sit in the warehouse unless it’s being sold.

The book’s author is the best person to sell it. Therefore, I encourage authors to have book events rather than simply book signings.

However, many people will call a book event a book signing, perhaps because that is why people go. They know that, at a book signing, the author, who has brought the book into being, will be there, and they’ll be able to meet them.

People like parties, readings, and special occasions for them, so I encourage these.

I have gone to authors’ book events where cake or punch and cookies were served, and I’ve attended restaurant book parties with buffet meals. I have gone to much simpler book signings where the author’s enthusiasm gave a festive air attracting people to the book signing table consistently.

It all goes to show that there is no one more interested or better qualified to sell your book than you! Book signings are one of the most effective ways to bring your book to market.

And book signings are one of the best ways to begin promoting your next book by obtaining email addresses from everyone attending the event. Then when your next book is released, you have fans waiting to purchase your next book.

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