Glucose Control Eating

Glucose Control Eating

Glucose Control Eating

Posted on 09/27/2022 Evan Swensen
Glucose Control Eating

When Author Mastermind Rick Mystrom submitted his 700-page manuscript, we recommended he make two books instead of one. We pointed out that the first half of his book was autobiographical, and the second half was about how to solve diabetes, lose weight, and live healthy.


Rick accepted our advice, and we published My Wonderful Life with Diabetes and What Should I Eat?.  What Should I Eat? soon sold out, and we reprinted it with a new cover. 


My Wonderful Life with Diabetes was a different matter. Rick wanted to publish the book as a case bound (hardcover) book. He was confident it would sell well, and we should double the press run.


We counseled against both. We told him that publishing My Wonderful Life with Diabetes as a case bound book would “be the kiss of death” on book sales. Given his standing in the community, he was sure he’d have no problem selling books. He told us he had people anxious to get a copy. We felt equally firm that it would not sell.


During the conversation, Rick said, “I bet it will sell better than What Should I Eat?.”


“What will you bet,” I responded.


“A steak dinner,” he answered.


“You’re on, and I hope you’re right, and Lois and I spring for steaks for you and Chanda.”


Due to the success of What Should I Eat, Rick rewrote the book, especially for people with diabetes, Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline. This book gives readers what they need to reverse type 2 diabetes and even cure type 2 diabetes. As Rick points out, “You don’t get type 2 diabetes; you cause it; when a person is convinced of this, they can change their lifestyle and defeat type 2 diabetes.


After reading the book, people with type 2 diabetes responded about their success in defeating their disease and invariably commented that their diabetes cure was accompanied by weight loss. So again, Rick responded by rewriting and tailoring a new book to help people lose weight, stay slimmer, and live healthier and longer. He titled the book Glucose Control Eating.


By the way, concerning My Wonderful Life with Diabetes, we were both wrong. It wasn’t the kiss of death, but the book didn’t sell as Rick anticipated. In the end, Rick bought dinner.


You can see a short Glucose Control Eating video:


You can see a short What Should I Eat Video:


You can see a short My Wonderful Life With Diabetes:

You can see a short Glucose Control Eating video:


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