Market Yourself

Market Yourself

Market Yourself

Posted on 09/16/2022 Evan Swensen
Market Yourself

When you are selling books, the first thing you have to sell to your reader is yourself.

Each person that comes to your table at a book event, well, think of it as a job interview. The kind of job interview you will learn to enjoy.

Dress for success. We have tested this idea and our authors who do so sell more books. So smile. Be sure to brush your teeth. Be sincere. Because if you don’t sincerely want to know your readers and sell your books, people will know it. They will feel it. And they won’t be inclined to stop by your table. Or if they do, they won’t be inclined to buy your books.

You don’t have to leap out at folks. Instead, find your own style, one that makes you approachable.

Elizabeth Tower published many books with us in her lifetime, including Icebound Empire, noted as one of the 67 most important books in Alaska history [Alaska Historical Society]. Many authors tend to stand at their tables at book events. But not Elizabeth. She would sit and work crossword puzzles and engage those who came by her table, chatting about how they liked Alaska. She could always tell who was visiting. Always sold a lot of books.

After you dress for success, be sure to set up your table. Lots of your books, of course. Have your business cards, a promo piece, a professionally enlarged clipping, or two nicely framed.

I always put an open tackle box filled with individually wrapped chocolates on my table. Bait. Isn’t that just like an old fisherman, says my wife, Lois.

Always have some books in your briefcase, purse, or car.

You’re a public figure now that you’re an author. It’s like being in the limelight all the time for everyone you meet. Because every time you meet someone, you have the opportunity to market yourself. And that’s one of the best ways to market your books.

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