Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures

Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures

Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures

Posted on 01/24/2023 Evan Swensen
Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures

The youngest Author Mastermind, Mary Flint, submitted her first manuscript for publishing when she was sixteen. As soon as we “discovered” her, we called her America’s Most Promising Young Writer. Since, she’s moved from Alaska to Texas, completed college, become an accomplished concert pianist, authored two novels for young adults, and we now call her Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures.

Her first book, The Hunter Trials, garnered a host of Five Star reviews on Amazon, including one about a ten-year-old reader and another from a more mature adult.

“My 10-year-old son devoured this book. He loved the action and suspense and quickly declared this to be his new favorite series, knocking down The Hunger Games. He is anxiously awaiting the 2nd installment.”

I finished Red Star this 320-page book, in 48 hours, which tells you how amazing it was! Despite working and taking care of my kid, I MADE the time to read. This book grabs your attention immediately, and you get immersed in a whole other world. The characters are defined and developed so well I can’t even begin to pick a favorite. I truly can’t wait for the next one!

All other Five Star reviews echoed praises for Mary and her writing.

Mary Flint encouraged to try writing by a family member, discovered her love of writing from her life-long love of stories. Inspired by the books and success of teenage author Christopher Paolini, she began writing her first book, Red Star: The Hunter Trials, at fifteen and published it two years later. She enjoys interacting with Red Star fans at conventions, book signings, and online. Mary writes from her home in South Texas, USA.

Like all Author Masterminds, Mary is approachable. She promptly responds to emails sent to

You’ll become better acquainted with Mary on her Amazon Author Page:, Face, and her website

You’ll surely want to check out her short Hunter Trials video

Like other Author Masterminds, concurrent with launching Water Bird’s Shadow, Mary rewrote Hunter Trials, and we published the second edition. She’s a better author, and the book’s a better book.

No matter where you discover her, I trust you’ll agree with us calling her Creator of Breathtaking Worlds and Heart-Racing Adventures.

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