As Life Passes

As Life Passes

Subtitle : Selected Poetry of America's Western Frontier
Author : Margaret Swensen
ISBN No. : 9781888125214


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Book : As Life Passes

ISBN Number : 9781888125214
Book Name : As Life Passes (Selected Poetry of America's Western Frontier)
Book Pages : 256
Book Size : 6 x 9
Book Weight : 1.32

As Life Passes, Selected Poetry of America’s Western Frontier, a collection of poems written at the turn of the century by Willis Eugene Robison, is a must-have, remarkable keepsake. An assembly of his finest poems, As Life Passes, shows that the values of Willis’ time are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Willis’ wit, wisdom, and insight is as fresh as today, yet it gives the reader a vivid picture of the frontier in the late 1800s. Willis’ poems were popular with friends and family while he yet lived. His poem, Lou Ketchum, was required reading in the local school. Students were challenged to memorize it for its moral values. As Life Passes becomes a more important work as our life passes into new areas of morality, religious awareness, and family values of this generation. Talented in the art of symbolizing emotion, ideals, and experience, Willis makes you cry and laugh, as well as live the life and episodes of this man of the plains, legislature, father, missionary, and church leader.

Author : Margaret Swensen

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