Bonfire Saloon

Bonfire Saloon

Subtitle : A Narrative Poetry Snapshot of the Alaska Gold Rush, Nome,  December 3, 1903
Author : Steve Levi
ISBN No. : 9781637471043



Book : Bonfire Saloon

ISBN Number : 9781637471043
Book Name : Bonfire Saloon (A Narrative Poetry Snapshot of the Alaska Gold Rush, Nome,  December 3, 1903)
Book Pages : 160

The Alaska Gold Rush is the least studied era of United States history. If you pull up Alaska Gold Rush on Wikipedia, you will get the Klondike Gold Rush. The Klondike Gold Rush was centered around Dawson in Canada’s Yukon Territory and lasted 14 months. The Alaska Gold Rush lasted 40 years, from 1880 to the end of the First World War, and covered an area one-fifth that of the Lower 48 states. Bonfire Saloon is not a work of narrative poetry. It is a book of history disguised as literature. The slang, words, terms, and expressions would be used in a saloon in 1903 in a gold rush. The names of the people are authentic, and the events in the book happened. Bonfire Saloon is a ground-level look at the events and personalities of 39 individuals on a single night in a Nome saloon.

Author : Steve Levi

Author Tag Line : Master Of The Impossible Crime

Steven C. Levi is an Alaskan historian and writer. He has lived in Alaska for more than four decades and has more than 100 books in print, eBooks, and audiobooks. His nonfiction books on Alaska history include Boom to Bust in the Alaska Gold Fields, an historical forensic investigation into the sinking of Alaska's ghost ship, the Clara Nevada, as well as a history of Alaska's bush pilot heritage, Cowboys of the Sky, an Alaska Battle of the Books winne. His flying books include a technical how-to for flying in Alaska, Bush Flying, and a biography of legendary bush pilot Archie Ferguson. His fiction specialty is the impossible crime in which the detective has to discover HOW the crime was committed before he can capture the perpetrators. In The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound, four bank robbers escape with a dozen hostages, $10 million in cash, and the contents of all safety deposit boxes. They demand a Greyhound bus in which to escape and, with the police following, disappear after they drive onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

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