Callie and Natalie’s Dutch Family History

Callie and Natalie’s Dutch Family History

Author : Darlene Miller
ISBN No. : 9781637470596



Book : Callie and Natalie’s Dutch Family History

ISBN Number : 9781637470596
Book Name : Callie and Natalie’s Dutch Family History
Book Pages : 68

Callie and Natalie wear period dresses as they accompany Grandma Darlene Miller to learn about their fourth, fifth, and sixth great-grandparents who arrived in Pella in 1847. Other true Dutch stories are about more great-grandparents who immigrated in the early 1900s. They see, hear, and taste “all things Dutch” as they travel through Pella.

Author : Darlene Miller

Darlene Miller's first article was in Banner, a church magazine, when she was only fourteen –years –old. Her more recent writing includes articles in such varied genres as Escapees Magazine, Radiant Native Health, The Knoxville Journal Express, The Pella Chronicle, and Smoke and Fire News. Her books include A Place in the Promised Land, RV Chuckles and Chuckholes–the Confessions of Happy Campers, More RV Chuckles and Chuckholes–More Confessions of Happy Campers, The Search for Grandma Sparkle, and Elijah and Emma Meet Friends and Visit History. Darlene and her husband, Terry Miller, have a house in Iowa, but spend much of the year traveling in an RV visiting friends and family, exploring nature and historic places, and staying where the weather's good.

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