Candle Sparks

Candle Sparks

Subtitle : Adventures & Trials in an Eccentric Alaska Busy Town
Author : Lilly Goodman
ISBN No. : 9781888125139


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Book : Candle Sparks

ISBN Number : 9781888125139
Book Name : Candle Sparks (Adventures & Trials in an Eccentric Alaska Busy Town)
Book Pages : 192
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.72

Seeking adventure, dog musher Heidi Ravison moves to a tiny remote town in Alaska’s interior knowing nothing about either the quirky characters that composed the community nor the harsh flavor of the land which renders it enchanting. Her many backwoods adventures, which range from having to haul drinking water at fifty degrees below zero, to searching for a wrecked bush plane, lead Heidi to realize a passionate love for the land. But when she finds herself amidst a bitter battle between conservationists and recreational snowmachiners, Heidi learns that Candle, Alaska can break hearts as well. Sprinkled with satire, Candle Sparks brings the reader along on a vivid journey into the wilds of bush Alaska.

Author : Lilly Goodman

Lilly Goodman has been an alpine guide and an instructor of natural history in Alaska since 1991. She received her BA in Environmental Science from Colorado College. Since then she has resided in a remote area of Alaska where, in addition to guiding and teaching, she skis, dog mushes, ice climbs, and writes for local newspapers and the local radio station. Her adventures have led her into the far reaches of the backcountry wilderness and up some of the highest mountains in Alaska.

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