Crystal Shards

Crystal Shards

Subtitle : Book One of Kiril's Chronicles
Author : Cil Gregoire
ISBN No. : 9781637471180



Book : Crystal Shards

ISBN Number : 9781637471180
Book Name : Crystal Shards (Book One of Kiril's Chronicles)
Book Pages : 220

Fifteen Earth-years ago, outcasts from three worlds joined together to colonize the uninhabited island continent Lynnara on planet Aaia. Motivations varied; Earthen Ilene searched for her aging father, who had not returned. Thayla, a Twakan princess, sought adventure and freedom from the Twakan royal family, and Aaians led by Rojaire sought freedom from absolute government control. Now the Twakan throne, represented by Princess Xanthe and Prince Lozar, demands the return of Princess Thayla, taking Mentor Kaydra into custody until their demands are met. No one has heard from the colonists since they fled Mainland. And the portal to nearby Alaia Island no longer functions after a massive seismic event. Therefore, two ships are commissioned by the High Council to cross the Golden Sea in search of the colonists. What ensues is a stunning journey into the unknown, a life-altering journey for some, redefining the meaning of freedom for them. Filled with challenges and intrigue, Crystal Shards is brushed in vivid imagination with unforgettable characters, transporting the reader to another world.

Author : Cil Gregoire

Author Tag Line : Alaska Sci-Fi Queen

Cil Gregoire is an Alaskan writer who has lived in the state for more than four decades, fulfilling her Alaska dream. She has built a log cabin in the woods, commercial fished in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, taught school in western coastal Alaska, and lived remotely in the northern Susitna Valley, the primary setting for many of her novels. Possessing a vivid imagination, her fiction specialty is sci-fi/fantasy. Her four-volume Oracle of Light series draws heavily on her Alaska experiences and is a forerunner of Crystal Shards. She enjoys reading, gardening, quilting, and walking with her dog, Patches, when she is not writing. 

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