Crystalline Aura

Crystalline Aura

Subtitle : An Alaska Fantasy set in modern-day Susitna Valley
Author : Cil Gregoire
ISBN No. : 9781594331374


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Book : Crystalline Aura

ISBN Number : 9781594331374
Book Name : Crystalline Aura (An Alaska Fantasy set in modern-day Susitna Valley)
Book Pages : 288
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.86

When a magic crystal is released by the retreating Susitna Glacier in Alaska, and the Dark Orb is unearthed by the flooding of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, an ancient battle, brought to earth twelve thousand years ago, is rekindled. Rahlys, disillusioned with urban life, the commercial use of her artistic talent, and an unfaithful boyfriend, returns to Alaska and purchases Trapper Bean’s log cabin in the pristine wilderness of the Northern Susitna Valley, seeking peace and solitude to paint. Peace and solitude are challenged when a raven, formerly tamed by Trapper Bean, brings Rahlys a strange crystal that glows softly from within with multi-colored light. When Rahlys takes possession of the crystal, she takes possession of Sorceress Anthya’s powers, and a classic struggle between good and evil unfolds. Filled with the natural beauty and magic that is Alaska, Crystalline Aura compels us to believe in the unbelievable, and in the magic within ourselves.

Author : Cil Gregoire

Author Tag Line : Alaska Si-Fi Queen

Born and raised in South Louisiana, Cil Gregoire moved to Alaska in 1977 seeking adventure.? She found it teaching school in the bush, commercial fishing in Bristol Bay and Norton Sound, and building a log cabin in the woods where she home schooled her son and lived for 25 years.? Crystalline Aura is a reflection of those experiences.? ?There have been many wonderful books written about Alaska and surviving in the wilderness.? I wanted to share my knowledge, experience, and love of the Great Land in a creative and unique way.? By drawing on Alaska's own bountiful wonder, mystery, beauty, and magic,?I wove an adventurous tale, adding a bit of mystery and magic of my own.?? Cil Gregoire has written, directed, and produced five short plays that have been performed at the Sheldon Community Arts Hangar in Talkeetna, Alaska.

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