DB Cooper Where Are You

DB Cooper Where Are You

Subtitle : My Own Story. A Fictionalized Autobiography
Author : Walter Grant
ISBN No. : 9781594330766


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Book : DB Cooper Where Are You

ISBN Number : 9781594330766
Book Name : DB Cooper Where Are You (My Own Story. A Fictionalized Autobiography)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 5.5X8.5
Book Weight : 0.52

D.B. Cooper is wild and conservative, smart and stupid, careful and courageous. He has imagination, determination, and an adjustable conscience. You’ve got to like him and despise him. He is a pirate, a friend, a schemer, a drug dealer, a nurturer, a murderer, a family man. And now–a writer It’s an intriguing tale. But D.B. Cooper is not a story character, he is real. He planned and schemed and prepared to hijack a plane, then did it and got away with it. Look it up–it was in all the papers, on television, in conversations around the country, around the world. People will say D.B. Cooper, Where are You is fiction, it is some writer’s fanciful account of what may have happened Could be. You know what they say about becoming a writer. Write about what you know. Seems like Walter Grant knows way too much about skyjacking and growing pot. Sort of like D.B. Cooper.

Author : Walter Grant

Author Tag Line : One of America?s Enduring Patriot Authors

With itchy feet and going nowhere in a one-horse town Walter Grant was an easy sell for the recruiter; ?Join the navy and see the world.? He did just that, and never looked back. With his navy career behind him and Easy Rider aspirations heavy on his mind, he took to the road until unforeseen circumstances landed him in Hawaii. After ten years in The Islands, a twist of fate and common sense demanded he relocate to a sparsely populated part of the country. From the beginning, Walter was attracted to the DB Cooper saga, since segments of their lives ran parallel. When the FBI reopened Cooper's file and revealed facts previously unknown to the general public, it prompted Walter to question their motives. The FBI claim they want to solve the mystery. Although it is the only unsolved skyjacking and a black mark on the FBI's record, Walter thinks it's a charade. Why would the FBI want to make a martyr of a legend and counterculture hero? Walter maintains they do not. He believes the bureau is looking for an excuse to close the case forever, with the file being buried deep in the FBI archives; unsolved, forgotten, and never revisited. We shall see; My Own Story should tell the tale.

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