Far North Adventure

Far North Adventure

Subtitle : An Alaska Narative
Author : Alf Walle
ISBN No. : 9781594331572


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Book : Far North Adventure

ISBN Number : 9781594331572
Book Name : Far North Adventure (An Alaska Narative)
Book Pages : 206
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.62

Unfortunately, most visitors to Alaska have but a few days to explore. As a result, much goes unseen and unknown. Gain the visions you missed by hitchhiking along with my recollections of a ten year foray into the Last Frontier. Drive the Alaska Highway, taking side trips to Dawson City and Valdez. Stalk moose and catch salmon with Athabascan Indians who still follow a subsistence way of life. Observe an Inupiaq whale hunt on the Arctic Ocean. Visit the rural neighborhood where dog sledding heroes, such as Lance Mackey and Ken Anderson, live and practice their sport. Fly by bush plane into remote camps and live with exploration teams. See how frontier boom towns, like Fairbanks and Nome, as well as Native villages, are evolving. These and many more exciting adventures await. You can’t see Alaska in a few days. But you can experience it through my eyes and Far North Adventure.

Author : Alf Walle

Anthropologist, archaeologist, folklorist, adventurer, and writer, Alf H. Walle has spent the last ten years in Alaska getting to know the Last Frontier. Instead of following well beaten paths, he headed to the hinterland, found jobs there and learned about the country and its people from the inside out. Currently dividing his time between the Alaska of the Far North and the Central American country of Belize (a tropical paradise accented with virgin forests and Maya ruins), he possesses a broad vision of the yin and yang of different climates and cultures.

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