First-Class Pilot

First-Class Pilot

Author : Bill Quirk
ISBN No. : 9781594339684



Book : First-Class Pilot

ISBN Number : 9781594339684
Book Name : First-Class Pilot

First-Class Pilot will provide astonishing tutelage for GA Pilots. After reading and comprehending the book, your aviation undertakings will never be the same again! This is because of the worthy improvements and advancements that you can incorporate into your everyday flying program. This book serves as a template for providing the academic background for being capable of achieving the essential advanced training for a first-class pilot. Pilots need the advanced training to upgrade their flying skills to become safer and more dependable aviators. The contemporary weak and ineffective flying procedures will be changed out for better available ones. The pilot’s flying style will be transformed into an innovative way for flying airplanes. Aviators will become highly proficient and creative self-reliant pilots with a substan- tially lower accident rate. As a pilot, you will praise yourself for your remaining aviation career for advancing your flying skills to become the best pilot you are capable of being. Pilots that carry out this exceptional flying mission will become distinguished aviators. This will become the most important aviation achieve- ment in the pilot’s flying career. The middle of the book contains the author’s 32 color-illustrated Alaskan flying images. The last part of the book includes the author’s 74 Memoranda with brief narratives on Flying Alaska

Author : Bill Quirk

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