Subtitle : RVing America Through the Eyes of Honeybee The Cat
Author : Walter Grant
ISBN No. : 9781594330186


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Book : Fulltiming

ISBN Number : 9781594330186
Book Name : Fulltiming (RVing America Through the Eyes of Honeybee The Cat)
Book Pages : 160
Book Size : 6 X 9
Book Weight : 0.52

Fulltiming, based on real places and real events while fulltiming for 12 years, is the story of a cat living in a recreational vehicle with her (human) parents. Honeybee tells the story from her perspective as she travels the highways and bi-ways of America. Curiosity lands Honeybee in many awkward and often life threatening situations. Honeybee takes you from kittenhood” to a glimpse of the hereafter; from the bold and daring of her youth to the autumn years when watching life pass by her window and reminiscing is enough. Dreams, visions perhaps, of the ancient past haunt Honeybee for the greater part of her life; near the end dreams and reality are often indistinguishable.”

Author : Walter Grant

After retiring from the navy Walter Grant and his wife, Charlene, began making plans for living under their hats; they turned in the tent used on weekend camping trips for an Airstream and became Fulltimers. There was no way Charlene was going to leave her cat behind, so the three of them set out on a 12 year odyssey, without plans, schedule, or destination to discover their heritage. They lived in five different RVs, drove three tow vehicles into the ground, and traveled half a million miles crisscrossing North America from San Diego to James Bay, from Key West to the Arctic Circle and points in between. Charlene made a final entry in her log the day Honeybee slipped her earthly bonds and shortly thereafter the Grants gave up Fulltiming; life on the road was not the same without Honeybee. The three now live above the ?Sixty? in houses without wheels; Walter and Charlene reside in Anchorage; Honeybee lives in her ?Spirit House? on Teslin Lake.

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