In Search of the Tundra Daisy

In Search of the Tundra Daisy

Subtitle : True Tales and Misadventures of an Alaska Field Geologist
Author : Craig White
ISBN No. : 9781594330667


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Book : In Search of the Tundra Daisy

ISBN Number : 9781594330667
Book Name : In Search of the Tundra Daisy (True Tales and Misadventures of an Alaska Field Geologist)
Book Pages : 224
Book Size : 6X9
Book Weight : 0.8

Disillusioned with life in the city, and spurred on by childhood dreams of adventure and discovery, a young geologist take a chance and moves his family to Alaska during the 1970s’ pipeline boom. Awed and humbled by the Great Land and its unpredictable inhabitants–animal and human–he begins a 20-year search for the elusive tundra daisy–a giant oilfield with the potential to put him and his discovery o the map. Unexpectedly, however, this young explorer’s search yields more than black gold when he discovers that life’s greatest lessons are often learned under difficult circumstances. A mix of harrowing, humorous, and heartwarming true stories, Craig White’s Tundra Daisy embodies the spirit of a real Alaskan, and recaptures a bygone era of discovery in the Last Frontier.

Author : Craig White

Craig White grew up in southern California, where he escaped the frenzied pace of city by exploring the nearby deserts and mountains. He spent the summers in southwestern Colorado, where he hiked and took pack trips into the San Juan and Needle Mountains. A geologist by training, in the early 1970s Craig moved his family to Alaska, where he lived and worked as a field geologist and exploration manager for 20 years. He now lives with his wife, Debbie, in the small seaside community of Seabeck, Washington. After writing for ALASKA magazine, this is his first book.

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