Jay’s Alagnak Caribou

Jay’s Alagnak Caribou

Subtitle : A Raft, A River, A Father and Son—An Unexpected Alaska Adventure
Author : Jerry Edgington
ISBN No. : 9781594337499



Book : Jay’s Alagnak Caribou

ISBN Number : 9781594337499
Book Name : Jay’s Alagnak Caribou (A Raft, A River, A Father and Son—An Unexpected Alaska Adventure)

Jay and his dad knew things would change after summer. The seasons of boy scouts, little league, high school sports, and just hanging out, would be gone forever. But there was a chapter left to write, and it would be written on a long section of the Alagnak River in Alaska. It wouldn’t be the final chapter, not by a long stretch, but it would be a transcending chapter. A self-guided moose hunt and fishing trip would be a proper way to commemorate Jay’s 19th birthday. So, with fishing rods and guns, and a flight into the headwaters of the Alagnak River they embarked on their adventure. What they found was more than they imagined—much more. They found the Alaska wilderness and a freedom they didn’t know existed. They found a life changing adventure—built unbreakable bonds.

Author : Jerry Edgington

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